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Food Storage Containers

We have a number of food containers tailored to meet the needs of all your storage needs. Whether you need to organize ingredients, bulk items, produce, or leftovers, these containers are transparent, making it simple to locate and identify the contents. In addition, the snap-and-lock lids create a secure seal, perfect for transporting and storing food without any leakage or odor escaping.

What are the advantages of these food storage containers?

Our stacking, modular-designed food containers complement the space, allowing you to store more while requiring less counter or shelf space.

What sizes are these products?

Each product has several sizes to suit your needs. Welcome to contact us if you require custom sizes.

What kinds of plastic are our products made of?

At Bestelegant, we prioritize product safety and environmental friendliness, so the materials we use are PET and PP. These materials are long-lasting, sanitary, and resistant to breakage, along with having great chemical durability. Most importantly, they can be reused and recycled, reducing waste and allowing the product to be used multiple times.

How can I get custom products?

Get in touch with us, and tell custom options ( size, color, material, logo, and more). We support OEM/ODM service.

About MOQ?

Contact us for the MOQ of each product. If you require multiple products, there will be a flexible MOQ.

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