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Jewelry Organizers

As a jewelry box manufacturer, BESTELEGANT supplies best jewelry box organizers that have been designed with convenient compartments of varying sizes to offer a secure space for each accessory. These organizers are equipped with thoughtful details to protect the contents and keep them organized, providing an easy way to access the items.

Organize your jewelry with ease! Using grooved bases, multiple trays can be stacked securely and easily, allowing you to add more as your collection increases. Keep your rings in one area, and necklaces, watches, and bracelets in the others. And this makes an ideal present for any jewelry enthusiast.

What are materials of jewelry box organizers?

There are 2 type jewelry organizers. One is made by velvet (flocking fabric and cardboard), the other is plastic (PS, PP and metal).

How many colors are available?

Besides regular black, grey, Bestelegant rpovides pink, cream. Of course, customiz color service is available.

Are the dividers adjustable?

The dividers are not adjustable. But we can customize jewelry organizers according to your requirement, including style, type, material, divider.

Do the organizers yellow over time?

Our products are durable, and won't become yellow over time.

About MOQ?

Contact us for the MOQ of each product. If you require multiple products, there will be a flexible MOQ.

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