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Storage Boxes & Bins

The storage boxes and bins from BESTELEGANT are not just your regular containers; they are made from durable materials, come in a beautiful natural color, and have a unique square shape that makes them ideal for any home, office, or library.

Our storage containers provide plenty of storage space for sheets, garments, playthings, books, and even decorations. These containers are designed to hold a large amount of items, while also shielding them from dampness, grime, and insects.

Certain plastic boxes with lids are very transparent, allowing users to view the contents of the box without opening it. These boxes are designed to be stackable when filled and nestable when empty, allowing for efficient use of space.

Are these lids secure when placed on basket?

The lids overhang a little the basket edge. This makes them secure from sliding off. They do not latch on.

Are you the manufacturer or distributor?

Bestelegant is a professional storage box manufacturer, so you can get the best prices from our co-operation.

What are the materials of these storage boxes and bins?

Main materials include PP(polypropylene), felt, HIPS (high-impact polystyrene), PS(polystyrene), ABS(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), and bamboo lids. For more info, please check our product details page, or contact us directly.

How can I get custom products?

Get in touch with us, and tell custom options ( size, color, material, logo, and more). We support OEM/ODM service.

About MOQ?

Contact us for the MOQ of each product. If you require multiple products, there will be a flexible MOQ.

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We are proud to bring high-quality storage products to help you get a place where you can relax, calm and comfortable.